Issue 2 ‘GREEN’ Content List

We’ve kissed the last of summer goodbye, and now it’s time to settle into Semester One. The theme for this one is simply Green. All things eco-friendly and environmental, veganism and house plants… but don’t forget about what else green could symbolise. Envy? Good luck?

Check out our content list for more ideas and fill out this google form to pitch. (and click here if you need help with that!)

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Scroll down to find some prompts for both fiction and nonfiction pieces to be included in the magazine, alongside our regular sections + columns.

These are just a guide, so don’t hold back on pitching any other ideas that you have, we’d love to hear them. Click here for our style guide, it has some instructions on how to pitch. 

And keep in mind, Catalyst is a publication run by students, for students. Remember who your audience is. Try to keep your pieces student focused and in scope of what a uni student would be interested in reading!

important dates

PITCH DEADLINE: Friday 22 March 2019

FIRST DRAFT DEADLINE: Friday 29 March 2019

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday 6 April 2019


Zero waste lifestyles  | Reduce, reuse, recycle  | Composting 101 | Veganism: for and against?  | Cycling | Slow fashion | Ethical clothing fibres and fabrics  | Permaculture | Op shopping | Eco-friendly soaps and detergents  | Bamboo products | Hemp | Environmentally friendly makeup | Natural cold remedies  | Boycotting air travel | Eat local, shop local | Food miles | Electric cars | How to get rid of second-hand clothes sustainably


Greenhouse gases  | Global warming |  Climate justice | 2018 IPCC report (12 years left to reverse unstoppable climate change)  | Greta Thunberg | Deforestation | Fossil fuels | #StopAdani | Drilling the Great Australian Bight  | Fracking | The Greens Party | Individual action vs. collective action | Student climate strikes | Environmental activism  | Protests and rallies | A history of the climate movement | Coral reefs | Logging of Victoria’s native forests | Extinction of species  | Capitalism and climate change | Greenwashing in corporations | Coal and Australian politics | ‘Greenies’ vs. businesses | Factory farming  | Water conservation


Photosynthesis + transformation  | Forests | Save the bees! | Green crystals (eg. jade, emerald, peridot)   | Ecosystems | Australian flora and fauna | Bushland | Moss and algae | Grasshoppers and leaf insects  | Green tree frogs | Ferns | Camouflage | Habitat | Seaweed | Are green eyes endangered? | Life cycle of a caterpillar   | Farts

Divestment and the Fossil Free RMIT campaign  | How can we create a more sustainable campus?  | Greener spots in the city | Cycling to uni |  Carbon Neutral by 2030, is it enough? | Greening RMIT  | Gardening on campus | Sustainable start ups


“The grass is always greener”…  | Green with envy | Jealousy |  Nature and mental health | Green means go!  | Green light | Colour psychology | Growth  | Fertility | Green card: permanent residency |  Sport: football, golf | Collagen in beauty products  | Money | Should cannabis be legalised? | Colour blindness


Vegan and vegetarian recipes  | How to make beeswax wraps |  Terrariums | Keeping indoor plants alive  | Gardening | Growing herbs | How to find your voice as an activist  | Keeping informed on sustainability | Using essential oils | How to minimise waste


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