Lucy Peach’s My Greatest Period Ever is much better than what you learnt in high school

By Jasmine Wallis | @JasSkyee

Lucy Peach is the cool older sister you never had. Starting with the story of her first ever period at age 12 and ending with the story of how her four-year-old son learnt about the wonders of the female body a little earlier than expected, this hour-long show is a journey about harnessing the power of the menstrual cycle to literally life hack your friendships, relationships and productivity. And get comfy because this ain’t no year eight sex-ed class.

Professional sexual health educator and Freemantle-based folk singer Lucy Peach, along with her partner Rich (who adds another layer to the show by live-illustrating Peach’s performance from a tablet to a projector) interweave song, education, storytelling and comedy to celebrate the cycle that for so long has been treated like a dirty secret of society – a blood stain on the white pants of the patriarchy.

Lucy goes through the four hormonal stages of a menstrual cycle – but not in the way that you were taught in biology class. There’s neither a luteal nor follicular phase in sight; instead, Lucy breaks the cycle down and puts a positive spin on what a woman’s strengths are during certain stages of the month, i.e. the period is the reflective time; PMS, the creative time. Crowd participation isn’t something to fear in the small room in the top of The Butterfly Club as the audience (men definitely included) bonds quickly over a universal experience that literally continues the survival of our species.

Bringing the power of the period to Melbourne for the first time, this award winning comedy show will make you want to let everyone know where you’re at in your super power cycle (capes included!) and make you want to invite your old high school teachers down to show them that sex education is more than just dunking a tampon into a beaker of water.


Catch Lucy Peach at the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Tickets and more info available here.


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