My scars, my story

Words and images by Danielle Macri |

My body is my canvas and I am the Masterpiece. The two photographs shown are a part of a small series I did titled ‘My Scars, My Story’. This project was extremely personal as it was my way of overcoming my insecurities and exposing them.

When I was younger I had severe cystic acne on my chest, shoulders and back. The acne is no longer active, but as a permanent reminder I’m left with these textured scars. I tried everything to cover them, from fake tan to foundation. I even wore jackets in summer because I was too anxious and insecure to have any part of them showing.

Then one day I decided to take on my own advice: ‘stop hiding behind your insecurities and expose them’. I exposed my insecurities and completely changed my mindset through my art practice. Once exposed, there was no need to hide behind fear anymore. Something I once considered a horrible secret, is now a beautiful story.

I chose to bring another model into the photo shoot with me as a physical representation of support. In our search for purpose, we all experience moments of denial, where we don’t think we’re good enough. We’ll overthink things until we’re lost and confused. I wanted my art to help others emotionally and mentally. I wanted people to feel something and to walk away questioning why the artist put herself in such a vulnerable position.

Body image is a theme close to my heart and I think everyone deserves to feel confident in the body they were given. I was thrilled at the response to the series, receiving numerous messages from people telling me their stories and how I had given them a new perspective.

Once I had my finals printed, I felt the biggest weight lifted off my shoulder. Seeing the photo displayed in gallery conditions and presented to my peers made me feel so proud of what I’d achieved. By the end of the project I felt like a new person. I felt free and I wasn’t restricted anymore. I found myself through my art.

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