The storm

Words by Maddy Ruskin

Image by Rudraksh Thumar


it was a tuesday afternoon

when all of the lights went out


sirens rang out in the streets

purple clouds swarmed the sky

the city was evacuated

everyone safe in their shelters


crumbled ceilings littered the floor

windows smashed to splinters

fear nipped at my ankles

i was alone in the destruction


no one answered my calls for help

they couldn’t hear me

my voice was a whimper

i wasn’t even sure i had made a sound


thunder snarled and scowled

my hands clutched at my ears

wind snapped against the shutters

there was nowhere to run


curled into the crook of my bookshelf

knees pressed against my chest

beating heart in my throat

paper spines carving messages into my back


my mind was a jagged place

barbed wire and broken glass

sanity discarded like an unwanted gift

i sank deeper into the abyss


darkness latched onto my mind

clamouring with greedy fingers

infecting me with poison

it took over


those tuesday afternoons come and go

sometimes the lights flicker and the wind howls

the storm is always on the horizon

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