23 and Disappointed — Review

By Neville Kurniawan

Photo by: Rowan Thambar

The now 24-year-old Rowan Thambar is not very pleased with his newfound ‘adult’ life, and his way of conveying that emotion in comedy comes off in spades. With a good chunk of his performance very much centred on his past, a hilarious yet very melancholic feeling can be felt in his words when talking about his parents and the person who could’ve been his partner forever.. He is able to separate himself from other musical comedians who cover varying subject matters through  a flare of his own dark comedy. is shtick of describing scenes with keyboard notes, while sometimes not fitting with what the show is about, exemplifies his uniqueness as a musical comedian.

Despite diving into your usual racial and romantic issues that a lot of people face and especially quite a handful of comedians talk about, 23 and Disappointed shows Rowan’s reflection on his life in a comedic way without necessarily feeling sorry for himself,as it doesn’t seem to be his focus at all. This look back on  his life also makes him remarkably relatable in the best way possible, even though you may not have experienced any of his personal problems.

A fun hour to spend looking at a life that for a while has had dark and depressing moments, Rowan manages to provide splendid comedy to make you ignore your own problems, despite his jokes about problems…

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