Issue 4 ‘CURIOUS’ Content List

Now this is a theme to be excited about.
What are you curious about? What do you find strange, peculiar, eccentric, freakish or inexplicable?
Obviously the places you could take this prompt are endless, and we want to hear whatever ideas you’ve got. Don’t hold back. Of course, we’ve compiled a list below to get those creative juices going, but please don’t view it as a limitation. As long as it’s slightly off kilter or out of the ordinary, we’d love to hear your pitch!

Check out our content list for more ideas and fill out this google form to pitch.
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We’d also love some visuals to match the following content ideas, so shoot them through to
Scroll down to find some prompts for both fiction and nonfiction pieces to be included in the magazine, alongside our regular sections + columns.

These are just a guide, so don’t hold back on pitching any other ideas that you have, we’d love to hear them. Click here for our style guide.

And keep in mind, Catalyst is a publication run by students, for students. Remember who your audience is. Try to keep your pieces student focused and in scope of what a uni student would be interested in reading!

important dates

PITCH DEADLINE: Wednesday 31 July 2019


Psychology   | The mind and brain  | Anthropology | Human evolution  | Biological quirks | Cults and sects  | Linguistic evolution (eg. does language shape thought?)  | Unique biographies | Feeling and emotion | Creativity  | What inspires you? | Art history | Ancient civilisations  | Strange food combinations | Unsolved mysteries | Why do we hiccup?  | Learning and cognition | Memory | How to spot a liar | Out of body experiences  | Psychedelia | Synthesia | The history of tattooing | Living “off the grid” | Curious hobbies  | Ancient artefacts


Conspiracy theories (eg. Area 51..!)  | Spirituality | Mantras and affirmations  | Obscure religions or belief systems | The afterlife  | Karma and reincarnation | Dreams and what they mean |  Fate and destiny | Astrology and star signs | Mythology |  Colour psychology | Strange laws | Fanaticism and obsession |  Religious / spiritual theories and histories | Do we value Facebook friends as ‘real’ friends?


Curious animal behaviours  | Quirky birds | Fungi |  Creative solutions to climate change (eg. kelp forests)  | Sea creatures of the abyss | Elephant cognition and intelligence  | Australian megafauna (eg. diprotodon and giant kangaroo) | Giant squid  | Exotic pet trade | Leafy sea dragons | How trees talk to each other |  Poison vs. Venom – what’s the difference? | The Ice Age | The insect world |  Migration | HibernationUNI LIFE


Artificial Intelligence  | Creative piece imagining the world in 2050  | Weird corners of the internet | Online surveillance  | Driverless cars | GMOs | Virtual Reality | Space travel  | Is there life on Mars? | 50 years since man landed on the moon – what have we learned about it since?  | Emergent technologies Weird beauty innovations (eg. Kim Kardashian’s blood facial) | Google glasses | Where is social media taking us  | Ethnobotany | Metaphysics


Tinder vs. RMIT love letters  | Curious incidents of Melburnian sharehouses  | Bizarre group projects | Urban myths | Student Politics 101  | A list of strange fun facts to procrastinate with


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