Issue 5 ‘HOME’ Content List

We started off the year with a journey (Issue 1’s theme), and now it’s time to head on home.
What does home mean to you? Is it the taste of your mum’s famous homemade lasagna? The smell of incense in the kitchen of your grungy Brunswick sharehouse? Your daily commute on the Craigieburn line?
Perhaps you define home as the flesh you exist in, or the people you surround yourself with.
We’d love to hear whatever you’ve got. Don’t hold back. Of course, we’ve compiled a list below to get those creative juices going, but please don’t view it as a limitation. 

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Scroll down to find some prompts for both fiction and nonfiction pieces to be included in the magazine, alongside our regular sections + columns.

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And keep in mind, Catalyst is a publication run by students, for students. Remember who your audience is. Try to keep your pieces student focused and in scope of what a uni student would be interested in reading!

important dates

PITCH DEADLINE: Wednesday 25 September 2019


Hometown  | Family roots  | Aboriginal Australia  | Connection to Country |  Sacred sites | Protecting country (eg. Djap Wurrung blockade near Ararat, defending 800 year old sacred trees from being bulldozed)  | Land rights | Indigenous languages | What makes a place a ‘home’? | Family home | State politics and how they differ  | Bush doofs | Archaeological sites | School (Highschool) | Childhood memories | Courtyards l Kitchen l Bedrooms and how we personalise them | Belongings |  Gardens and backyards | The daily commute


Homelessness | Squatters | Melbourne as a ‘leftie bubble’ vs. the more right wing Queenslanders, how does place define our ideas?  | Urban sprawl | The myki system and its flaws | Suburbs of Melbourne – the Northside / Southside divide? | How to land a share house in Melbourne (or how to navigate Fairy Floss Real Estate)  | Tram etiquette | Historical Melbourne | Melbourne music scene (@putbartonthedoor esque critiques?) | University | Melbourne AFL team | Stadiums |


Sharehouse life  | Moving out for the first time  | Homelessness | Public housing (in Melbourne or other cities, how can we campaign for more public housing?)  | Rituals when you get home | Housemate etiquette 101 | Landlords | Bedrooms and personal space | Bedroom decor and how it reflects personality  | Communal living (eg. shared food $$) | Life at a protest or blockade camp | Housing affordability (can millennials afford homes like baby boomers could?)  | Architecture | Abandoned Buildings |


Your body as a home  | Boundaries | Body positivity and acceptance  | Self-care | Finding ‘home’ in another person | Friendships  | Soulmates | Family resemblance | Relationships | Seeking asylum  | Food and passed-down family recipes | Fables and fairytales | Familiar smells |  Disney Movies l Childhood nostalgia


Bird migration  | Habitat and habitat loss  | Bowerbird nests | Australian native animals  | Creatures you find in the backyard | Creatures that grow in your fridge…  | Forest ecology | Ecological conservation | The Great Barrier Reef / The Great Southern Reef  | Animals whose “home” is in a zoo or aquarium


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