Catalyst Magazine 2020 EP: 1 ‘HEATWAVE’

The Heatwave Issue.

Our overarching theme this year is, “Seasons for Growth.” Starting in summer with heatwave and moving through the seasons.

What does this term trigger within you? An image of Australian desert? Your childhood home’s broken air con? A hot flush of anger? Burnt orange sunsets? Zuper-Doopers?

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We’d love some visuals to match the following content ideas, so send them through to [email protected]

Please keep in mind, Catalyst is a publication run by students, for students. Remember who your audience is. Try to keep your pieces student focused and in scope of what a uni student would be interested in reading!


PITCH DEADLINE: Sunday 15 December 2019

Here are some prompts (but absolutely *not* boundaries):


Political hot seats | Sizzlin’ uni events | Summer Sports Updates (RMIT Redbacks) | Heated discussion | Hot new online digitation of Catalyst/ new research findings from the uni | Fiery deals on food | Hot film and music drops |


Anger | Frustration | Embarrassment | Burning | Discomfort | The sting of the warm seatbelt |


Indigenous Australia | Beaches | Pools | Sweaty high school class rooms | Ice Cream Trucks | Life guards | Being poor in the heat Vs being wealthy in the heat | Spice | Variety is the spice of life | escaping the heat (literally and metaphorically) | Heatwave plan |


Global warming | Fire/ destruction/ ash | Habitat loss | Survival | Drought | Denaturing | Trees with fire activated seeds; burning the old to create the new | Sun | Oranges | Sunsets | Deserts | Oceans | Blue skies | Summer nights | Moonlit water | Heat ripples on asphalt | Burnt skin | Melted chocolate |


Catalyst has been the student publication of RMIT University since 1944. We may be older than your parents but we’re still going strong!

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