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Olivia Davendra 

American’s honour late supreme court justice 

Justice Ginsburg has become the first female in US history to lie in state in the Capitol this week as part of her public memorial.

As her coffin was brought down the steps of the Capitol she was honoured by an assembly of female Democratic and Republican lawmakers, lining the descending procession.

President Trump visited her coffin and was met with distant booes from nearby crowds. 

With the impending US election, her death marks the initiation of a new US Supreme Court Justice.

President Donald Trump has said he will nominate a woman as his choice. Conservative Federal Appeals Court Judge, Amy Coney Barrett, is currently the frontrunner for the nomination.

Her nomination will mark a huge change from Justice Ginsburg’s progressive turn.

If a conservative Justice is ordained by the US Sensate, the Supreme Court voting preference will be 6-3, in favour of the conservative side.

The show must go on: Emmy’s continues without an audience  

Television’s most revered award show saw celebrities presenting and receiving awards surrounded by their friends and family from the comfort of their own homes and hotel rooms.

HBO’s series Succession took reign in the drama categories winning Best Outstanding Drama Series, Best Actor in a Drama Series – Male, Jeremy Strong, as well as Best Drama Writing and Directing in a Series.

CBC’s Schitt’s Creek won largely in the comedy categories for Best Outstanding Comedy Series and while most members of the main ensemble cast took home a trophy: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Male and Female, respectively. Dan Levy and Annie Murphy also took out Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Male and Female. 

Zendaya won Best Female Actor in a Drama Series for her performance in HBO’s Euphoria, making her the youngest person ever to win the accolade.

The event was filled with an arrangement of unique celebrity fashion moments ranging from bathrobes, business casual to high-end couture.

Second-wave of high coronavirus infections spread through Israel 

The country will be the first in the world to go into its second nationwide lockdown of the year. 

This lockdown will also align with several religious holidays that will occur over the next three weeks.

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said “these are not the holidays we are used to. We certainly won’t be able to celebrate with our extended families.”

This comes as Covid-19 cases across the country have risen while citizens have taken to the streets to protest the government for its handling of the pandemic.

People must stay in a radius of 500 metres from their homes while only essential businesses will remain open.

Anti-government protests erupt across Thailand.

The largely youth-based protesters are campaigning for a democratic process for their government and are calling for budget cuts to the Thai Monarchy.

On Thursday, Parliament was not able to reach a decision about amending the Constitution and the process has now been pushed back by a month.

Thailand has not seen protest numbers like this since the 2014 coup when the Royal Thai Army overthrew the established government.

Protesters and Activists fear they will be arrested for criticising the Thai Monarchy, which is illegal and subject to 15 years in jail.

Yet this hasn’t affected the thousands of students who are still protesting even against the authorities demand to get parents and universities to force them to stop.

Victoria’s inquiry into bungled hotel quarantine program ends with resignation  

The Victorian State Government faced scrutiny due to the handling of the hotel quarantine program which led to Victoria’s second-wave of high Covid-19 infection rates.

Premier Daniel Andrews apologised on Friday telling the inquiry,  “I want to make it very clear to each and every member of the Victorian community that I am sorry for what has occurred here, and I want to issue an unreserved apology to all Victorians.”

The inquiry has yet to find who appointed the private security firm to work in the hotels.

Premier Andrews continued, “I then regarded Minister Mikakos as accountable for the program.”

After the premier’s hearing, Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos resigned a day later saying she was “deeply sorry for the situation that Victorians find themselves in”.

But, the minister also said, “in good conscience, I do not believe that my actions led to them.”

“I believe that was the appropriate decision,” said Premier Daniel Andrews when asked about the resignation.

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