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Clariyah Bo$$ and Jacob Biviano Review

Written by Mackenzie Stolp

You might not be entirely familiar with Clariyah Bo$$ right now, but you better make yourself acquainted because she is set to be a regular in the Aus. music scene. Making hip-hop music for over seven years now, it is no surprise that Clariyah lists Tupac, Lauryn Hill and Jagged Edge as her influences. Her hip-hop music reflects her tumultuous upbringing, and the hardships she has faced that could have broken her. Her latest track ‘Massacre’ is brilliant display of her skill, resilience and determination coming together to create a three minute fire track. 

‘Massacre’ was already a fan favourite – a steady hip hop track showcasing Clariyah Bo$$’ skilful lyricism. The track is a dis to those working in the industry who fake struggle to appear as a musician who has had to work their way to fame and success, when actually they have wealth and power on their side. Clariyah Bo$$ lets them know that she experienced the true reality of struggle and is willing to do anything to fulfil her dreams.

The song possesses an edgy backing beat that supports Clariyah’s brutal yet melodic verses. Dripping with confidence, it is hard to imagine the song sounding any better. That is until Bo$$ chose Jacob Biviano to lay a drum track over the song. The new addition fully ties the song together, with Biviano matching his drumbeats to the hard hits of Clariyah’s voice. Ultimately, this pairing has created a hip-hop track that showcases their talents and could soon become an anthem for the dreamers.

If you are yet to experience Clariyah Bo$$ for yourself, you are missing out. We are always down to support homegrown talent, especially when they are as skilful and impressive as Bo$$ herself.  You can listen to ‘Massacre’ on all streaming platforms, and enjoy Jacob Biviano’s drum cover on YouTube here.

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