Procrastination: The Bane of Every Students Existence

The bane of every student’s existence: procrastination. For example, currently I am writing this piece to avoid beginning an assessment that is due by the end of this week. So, I am going to try and break down what procrastination is and how to possibly get through slumps, in order to get the work you are required to do done. Whilst it is based around student life, that is not the only place this can be applied.

Let’s begin with defining it. Procrastination as most of you may be familiar with, is participating in leisure activities or just relaxing in order to avoid doing a task that is necessary and important to complete. A large part of this phenomena seems to be our feelings associated with the task we have to complete, usually those feelings consist of overwhelm at the task at hand, fear we will not be able to complete it (usually to the standard we desire), stress over not having started it but also simultaneously being unable to start… you know, just all in the day of a life of a student. That is also another key aspect to wrap your head around: whilst it may feel that you are the only one being left behind, I assure you most students are as well, especially during this busy time of assessment before the mid-semester break.  

Whilst sometimes we need to distance ourselves from our study life, and I know you have probably heard this a million times already, but the key is balance and finding the time to do things, such as hobbies, work and leisure activities. I find it rather helpful to set out 30-minute blocks of consistent working and then take a break to occupy my mind someplace else and then coming back to the task again, sooner than later. However, that is something that solely works for me, and may not apply to you. Some other tactics I have heard include classical music, physically brainstorming your ideas, candles, coffee, water, cleaning and so much more. Take the time to work out what works for you as it is better to know in the long run and cut yourself some slack. You are an amazing human being who is keeping things together. So, if you miss a couple of readings or are not able to go through the lecture for a week, IT IS OKAY. You will be okay, and as long as you grasp some key concepts from the sections you missed, I promise you will get through this semester. 

Alright that’s all from me I should really get back to my assessment, but whilst you might quite possibly be here procrastinating yourself, here is a hilarious video on the science of procrastination if you wanted to check it out.

Article written by Nishtha Sharma

Image courtesy of Netflix.

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