Cinema Nova and Keeping Cult Cinema Alive

Cinema Nova is the cultural hub for cinephiles in Melbourne. Nestled in the leafy Lygon Street, Nova has long been the place to appreciate amazing cinema and devour delicious, buttery popcorn. There, you’ll find a playbill of films not typically screened at other major cinemas, and of course, pick up a mini poster of the films they’re screening to put on your bedroom wall.

Like our upcoming issue CULT, Nova have a deep admiration for cinema in its finest, as well as its strangest, forms. One of the things the cinema is most known for, is its monthly screenings of the cult classic The Room (2003), which continues to sell out year after year. Nova proves that cinema isn’t just blockbuster hits and A-List names. Cinema, above all, is an art form that is intrinsic, personal, expansive and so important to so many people. This emphasis on presenting a range of films, from indies, to foreign films and to of course, cult classics, is the reason there’s such a strong community behind Nova that is only growing and growing.

Support cinema that supports cinema-lovers. Throughout April and May, Nova will be showing double features of cult classic films like Romeo + Juliet (1996) and Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), and others that you can check out here. The cinema will also be celebrating the anniversaries of some of our favourite cult films, like Blade Runner (1982), and you can check them out here.

Article written by Savannah Selimi

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