Submissions are now OPEN for Issue 3: ‘Future Tense’

RMIT Catalyst welcomes you to submit to our third issue of the year, ‘Future Tense’

The publication loves to feature all:

  • Writing 200-600 words (Articles, Editorials, Features, Creative Writing, Poetry, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Painting (Watercolour, Oil, etc.)
  • Drawing (Graphite, Pencil, Colour)
  • Collages

All image submissions to Catalyst must be in a portrait orientation, 300 dpi and submitted in PDF file format. This is to ensure the highest quality print.

All writing submissions must be in PDF or DOCX format, with a preferred name of the writer at the bottom.

Submit to Issue Three: Future Tense Online Form

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FAQ – 

What is ‘Future Tense’?

Time, like love, is the most incomprehensible element to human existence. We have all this time, in seconds and years and moments and glimpses, that we do simultaneously nothing and everything with it. We romanticise the past and surrender to nostalgia. We project our feelings into the future and war with woe and hope. 

‘Future Tense’ is about us, the most futuristic generation, with our Face ID’s and dying climates, and our afflictions between past and present. It’s nostalgia. It’s hope. It’s cyberpunk. It’s retro-futurism.

It’s the question we must ask ourselves, is it better to live in the past, present or future?

The answer? Time will tell.

What are some ideas of material to submit?

Catalyst Issue Three is looking to tell the stories of the past, the future and everything in between. Some examples of works could include:

  • The illusion of hope in the apocalypse / the future (climate change, rising cost of living, etc)
  • What happened at Woodstock 1969
  • The revival of vintage fashion trends
  • Do we really need a reboot or remake for everything?
  • ‘Born in the wrong era’ – why do we yearn for the past?
  • Interview older people on experiences that can’t be recreated (your pa who fought in a war, your dad who went to a queen concert)
  • Profile on your favourite music artist/band from the past
  • You’re wrong about… (an article debunking any popular historic event)
  • Which future-set films live up? (Back to the future, Star Wars, Blade Runner, etc)
  • Fake news report from the future (Here’s what’s making news Tuesday the 5th of May, 2075)

Who can I contact for more enquiries?

Contact us via our email address, [email protected]

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