Shoestring Melbourne: The State Library and the Shrine of Remembrance

I am somewhat aware that, for a blog dedicated to surviving on little or no money, I’ve been talking about a lot of places that have costs attached to them of late.

Well, I decided that it’s time to throw in some places with no admission costs! Not only that, but we’re back on a cultural bent, so get ready for some heady times ahead.

First up is the State Library of Victoria, which I’m pretty sure everyone has at least walked past while studying at RMIT. Sure, you may know it more as ‘the place all the charity hawkers are, so walk quickly and keep your eyes on your feet’, but I promise that the place is absolutely lovely inside.

The obvious thing to note is that it is genuinely

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a library, so if you are looking for some research materials for an assignment and want to look beyond RMIT’s own catalog, this is an obvious step in the right direction, given it’s huge selection of works and resources.

But, not only that, there are a variety of events held here throughout the year, exhibitions set up at various spots around the place, and even some film screenings. Certainly worth a wander through, especially since the view of the inside of

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the dome from the top level is pretty amazing.

Next up is the Shrine of Remembrance, which is a little way south of the Yarra along St Kilda Rd, but it’s simple to find if you just walk down Swanston Street from RMIT, between Flinders Street Station and Federation Square, and over the bridge.

It’s on your left and makes up part of the wider Royal Botanic Gardens, which I’m also highly encouraging you to have a wander through, but may well cover in more depth another day.

For now, though, maybe try pick a day with a bit of sun and take a picnic and some company, because it’s nice and green. Just look at it!

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Well, that’s it for me for this week. As always, drop a comment on here if you have any suggestions or know where the mythical one dollar taco place I’ve heard brief rumblings about is …

Alastair Collins


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