Shoestring Melbourne: Yoyogi and RMIT

Now the assignment frenzy has lulled a little (at least, for first years) I thought I’d give you a tip on another restaurant, but this one is slightly different to the type of place I’d normally talk about.

As the title may have tipped you off to, I’m talking about Yoyogi, the Japanese restaurant chain that pops up in food courts all over the place.

Specifically, I’m talking about the bigger place on the Swanston/Little Bourke corner, to the south of the RMIT campus.

This is probably the most expensive place I’ll point you towards, with most meals sitting around the $10 mark and drinks priced how you’d expect for a food court place, but for the money you get a lot of food.

I ordered one of the ramen bowls and it was a struggle to finish it, even filling me up enough that I didn’t want dinner later in the day.

Seriously, look at the size of ‘em.

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Now, the second one I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks so that anyone really new to university life would have a better understanding of their time commitments before I dropped it on you, but I really want to take this opportunity to push you all toward participating in the activities and things that RMIT provides its students.

There are plentiful sports and activities clubs, free events every now and then and RUSU runs a bunch more on top of that.

RMITV is a great way to get some hands on experience with TV studio work (I’ve been working on the upcoming second season of ‘31 Questions’ and it’s been very cool), and of course there’s Catalyst as well.

SYN is a radio studio operating in a similar vein to RMITV, but I’m regrettably too old to participate since they’re only open to students under 25.

To top it off, I’ve been grousing a little over the last few weeks since there are weekly free cinema screenings (maybe you’ve seen the posters up around campus) that I cannot get to because of classes, but I can recommend getting along to see Ruby Sparks if nothing else.

It’s pretty good and it’s free, so just do it!

Alastair Collins


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