Shoestring Melbourne: Inbetween Melbourne

I came to the realisation today that I had generally run out of ideas for this blog.

I knew what I wanted to do next week for the final entry, but I hadn't really found out about any new places to eat or things to do.

I certainly hadn't had the time or money to find any by walking around with all the assignments I’d been working on (hot tip: only make a video game for an assignment if you have a LOT of free time).

I thought it quite fitting, for this strange in-between week, that I’d check out and talk about the Melbourne City Council’s new initiative Inbetween Melbourne.

I was immediately struck by the similarities between Inbetween and this blog, except that it’s significantly better.

All I have is my pseudo-conversational style of writing and a particular focus on having no money … no, wait, there’s a section dedicated to free things to do.


So, if you've liked what I've been doing for the past 15 weeks and want to know of more things, bookmark the Inbetween Melbourne site and give it a look over because it has a lot of cool for you to check out.

For instance, did you know the International Jazz Festival is this month?

What about August’s Melbourne International Film Festival?

Did you know there are going to be fireworks over the Docklands every Friday night this month?

This site is full of things like that.

I just want to go on record saying that I am hugely grateful this wasn't launched when I started this blog.

That would've been a nightmare!

Alastair Collins



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