Unofficial posters on campus ‘promote rape culture’

RMIT University is investigating after an unofficial poster warning students of LSD drug use was seen around campus today.

The poster has the words “Get Lucky Unwillingly” with a picture of a man staring at a woman.



At the bottom it reads: “LSD makes you lose track of reality. Don’t waste your youth on drugs.”

The poster has been criticised for being tasteless and perpetuating victim blaming.

RMIT Student Union Womyn’s Officer Gabriela Gonzalez-Forward said the poster is “completely inappropriate”.

“Not only is it promoting rape culture, but also victim blaming,” Ms Gonzalez-Forward said.

The poster was a part of a series of posters cautioning students of taking drugs such as crystal meth, cocaine and marijuana.
























It is not yet known who is responsible for the posters. But an RMIT University spokesperson has told Catalyst the posters did not have approval to use the RMIT logo.

“RMIT has removed a number of unauthorised posters that were recently placed around its City campus,” the spokesperson said.

“The posters featured an old RMIT logo without permission. They were not part of any official RMIT campaign.”

Catalyst understands the LSD poster has now been removed across campus, but others in the series remain in Building 9 and on the ramp in Building 8.

“Being raped isn’t “getting lucky”,” Ms Gonzalez-Forward said.

“It is unfortunately common for many women and men which causes long term physical and psychological trauma and should not be made light of.”

RMIT Marketing is investigating the matter.

By Allison Worrall and Sarah Maunder

@allisonworrall and @s_maunder

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