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#Budget2015 – Live Blog

It’s back! The federal budget is up for round two with the government changing its tune in the lead up to his year’s budget, promising no surprises. Catalyst is here to break down all we know with sass, wit and actually astute analysis [Stop using the word astute – Ed.]

We don’t have fancy software so just keep hitting your browser’s refresh button to stay up to date and follow us on Twitter as we live tweet SYN Nation’s Represent: Budget Night broadcast, with our editor Rushani Epa joining their panel.



We’re off to SYN Represent Night. Join us on twitter. Check out the ABC winner and losers from this year’s Budget. Quite the difference.



Troy Bramston from The Australian lets the figures speak for themselves. Budget meh definitely wins over budget emergency.



Tune into ABC1 and ABC News 24 for the Hashams, the first working family of the post-budget fallout.


For any arts fans out there, $100 million going into a National Programme for the Excellence for the Arts.



Joe Hockey has brought out a Labor budget. Lots of spending, lots of taxing. And may just save him and the Prime Minister

– Dicky

Incredibly jingoistic speech and no big announcements. This was less a speech more an advert. Maybe he’s learnt a thing or two from Hillary Clinton. #budget2015 #worstkeptsecrets

– Harriet

I was struck at the rhetoric and the pledges to counter-terrorism budgets despite the fact we’re not willing to work with countries who can help us the most. Looking at you, Indonesia.

– Brendan



The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan and Fairfax’s Mark Kenny have got their initial reactions out.


Strongly, strongly agree


Strongly agree


Looks like the government is flipping back on young people. Lots of cash for the young in here.

– Harriet


Disagree with Brendan. Smart of government to steal Labor’s thunder on the multinationals issue. However some interest in the Catalyst office about the new taxes on people on working holidays. Hockey coming for your backpackers?


You can’t punish people for playing the game on tax. They’re not breaking the rules.


– Brendan


“The treat of terrorism is rising and ever-evolving” but we’re cutting aid to Indonesia and Africa?

– Brendan


Last year’s Medical Research Fund comes back. But how are we paying for it considering the GP co-payment is gone? No answers yet from Joe

– Dicky



Pensions changes now being unveiled. And no new taxes on superannuation. Here are Labor’s plan to tax super.



Joe is the common man tonight. Childcare package being unveiled (again) as we speak. Thankfully Joe can speak about this time unlike on Today last Sunday.





$5 billion being pumped into Northern Australia.



Our girl Jill Singer is tweeting along with us. We can only hope that Joe breaks out into song.





He speaks, he tweets, he cures economies. And starting with the small business tax cuts. A lot of work put into this by Bruce Bilson, a very competant and dedicated Small Business Minister.

– Dicky

Expect a lot of sprucing of the trade treaty trifecta achieved last year by trade minister Andrew Robb. Allows a sense of continuity from last year without talking about, well, the last budget

– Dicky


7: 38pm

“Europe is doing a bit stronger” – Joe

Nobody told the Greek Finance Minister today.


Childcare, small business, infrastructure.

Expect Libs to repeat these magic words for days and days. Going back to the heartland concerns.


– Dicky


Bronnnyyyyyyyyyyyy. It begins. Appropiation Bill number 1 2015, babe



BTW we’re just gonna do a Junkee and paste Denham Snadler tweets into every post we do. It’s the only reason we’re here, fuck the economy.

– Dicky xoxo




While ScoMo may be the architect of this new childcare era, we three are still rooting for our main man, our baby doll, our fixer. Here’s looking at you Chris.


I’m also looking out for the deficit. But I think the childcare package will be the most interesting to watch. It’s back to the old middle class welfare days it’s seems. I’m also looking forward to the soccer mums that will appear in every major newspaper tomorrow.

– Harriet xoxo


After a prolonged battle with ‘feral’ cross benchers and tertiary students alike, the government’s approach to Higher Ed will be a sight to see, as the defiant Chrissy Pyne remains adamant that many of his measures will somehow be seen through.  Where Budget 2015/16 takes this will be fascinating.

– Brendy xoxo


At last, it begins. Welcome to budget night with Richard Ferguson, Brendan Wrigley and Harriet Conron. We’ll be picking apart Joe Hockey’s masterpiece and seeing just what it means for young Australians, the country and of course, poor old Joe himself.

Tonight, I’ll be looking out for two things. Firstly, how much deficit reduction will we actually see. From budget emergency to budget “meh”, it’s been a bumpy ride for a government elected on economic competence. Will we see any return to surplus in the next 100 years? And secondly, how many times will the camera turn to man of the moment, Scott Morrison? Is he the next Treasurer or, gosh darn it, is he the next PM?

– Dicky xoxo


We haven’t started yet but as soon as we do, it’ll be here. Here’s a funny tweet which former-independent MP Tony Windsor retweeted.

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