Kevin A, “Make Me Move”— Review

By Cameron Magusic | @Cameron_Magusic

Photo by: Screenshot of music video, courtesy of Vicious Buzz

The modern conception of romantic, monogamous love is perhaps a hallmark of most societies around the world, yet this form of relationship is being increasingly questioned.

Swiss writer Alain de Botton in Religion for Atheists (2012) provides a deft critique of this kind of love, which he says:

“… sends us on a maniacal quest for a single person with whom we hope to achieve a life-long and complete communion, one person in particular who will spare us any need for people in general (p. 29).”

Polyamorism (more than one romantic partner at a time) and aromanticism (displaying no romantic feelings towards others) are equally valid sentiments for people to express (as are other labels and points on the romance spectrum), and of course a truly pluralistic society recognises that people are multifaceted and fluid in their expressions of love and romance, and therefore move between feelings as suits them.

It is in such a context that I am viewing the music video for Canadian musician and songwriter Kevin A’s new single, “Make Me Move”.

The viewer is initially presented with extreme close-ups paired with pared-back piano and percussion, before the vocals pick up and the video’s protagonist awakes and “moves” about various cityscapes in a bit of a stupor.

The other who is causing this protagonist to move in such an aimless and distorted way is revealed later in the video, and it is easy to interpret the relationship between these two characters as one that is romantic, yet turbulent, manipulative and unequal in one way or another.

The video moves towards an ending that is not conclusive for the couple, and the whole clip has the feel of a restless night’s sleep.

The music, as it happens, is a welcome addition to the chill-out genre and, with any luck, local stations such as Triple J and Buddha Hits radio will pick it up soon after the video’s May 1 release.

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