Mindful-mess review

By Suzan Calimli

The room was cosy and dark, making an intimate setting for a robust and unapologetically truthful show about mental health. I was immediately sucked in. MICF show Mindful-mess by Medicated Panic Dream Girls is like having someone read out your most anxious thoughts, or better yet become besties with your inner demons, and introducing them in a raw and hilarious twist. The show’s relevancy to millennials is on point and jokes ranged on issues like sexism, bad haircuts and troublesome housemates.

Medicated Panic Dream Girls are like real-life self-deprecating memes but better. They know all the sensitive spots of the human psyche and probe at them like one does to a pimple until it becomes a huge red mark. Except this mark is used in a comedy festival and is actually a great coping mechanism for these issues. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. The show is produced by Laura and Eloise, both equally experienced comedians who happen to have great vocals.

The human brain is a complicated thing with all its aimless worries, overthinking and unhealthy obsessions but the girls simplify it in a number of short but sweet performances that include songs and quick sketches. The skits followed each other seamlessly and with each dimming of the lights, I was eager to see what the next act would be. In each story, characters would adopt coping mechanisms for their problems that often failed. In one such act, Laura and Eloise’s characters sing about a list of things they’re grateful for — however they get side-tracked with toxic thoughts. They quickly realise their list isn’t working and give up. They develop another coping strategy – Netflix with their favourite snacks. And that just goes to show that sometimes it’s okay to simply treat yourself on a bad day instead. Despite each act being no more than five minutes long, it was easy to connect with the characters and of course, relate to them. The girls themselves had good chemistry with each other and worked well to keep their characters equally as engaging without outshining the other.

A huge takeaway from this show is learning that it’s perfectly normal to have messy thoughts and anxieties. Coming to terms with them isn’t always smooth sailing but you learn to cope anyway. I personally think comedy helps and if you agree you should see Mindful-mess. You would be surprised at just how comforting it is to watch comedians perfectly portray your uneasy thoughts in a hysterical yet heart-warming show.

Mindful-mess stars Laura Buskes, Eloise Willis-Hardy, Emily Joy, Taylor Griffiths, and Aisling McGrogan. For upcoming shows, visit their social media sites:

Facebook: Facebook.com/Medicatedpanic

Instagram: Instagram.com/medicatedpanicdreamgirls

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