Holdan’s Sombre Anthem, ‘Foggy Lake’

By Eloise Coomber

Photo by: Supplied by Vicious Records

LA-by-way-of-Florida-based artist, Holdan, has released his debut single “Foggy Lake”; a heart-felt but refined dedication to the everyday experience of searching for certainty Premiered by Atwood Magazine in early May, the track strikes a balance between emotional outpouring and engaging instrumentation.There is something particularly introspective about the first bars of the hazy synth- driven tune that pulls you in as you are cushioned between ambient birdsong and interjecting, sombre lyrics. Aided by Josh ‘Igloo’ Monroy’s experimental production, the LA-based artist has crafted an anthem for those stuck between clarity and insecurity.

Holdan’s writing does not shy away from brash honesty, as he confesses to the listener “It’s so scary that I’m running out of all my tears”. In excess, this could oversaturate the sincere nature of the track, but the dreamy overtone in “Foggy Lake” effortlessly conveys the familiar themes of loss and confusion. This is just the first instalment of the artist’s forthcoming EP ‘I Lost My Friends in the Spring’, a project which encapsulates the high and lows of relocating to a new city alone. Until its release this September, I’ll be switching the Spotify settings to repeat and revelling in this small glimpse of what Holdan has yet to bring.

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