Looking ahead to OzComicCon 2019

By Siri Smith and Nick Angus

Photo by: Flickr

INTRUDER ALERT! It is less than a week until the ultimate pop-culture event returns to Melbourne, covering the city with comics, celebrities, cosplay and many more captivations. Now in its eighth year of existence, the Oz Comic-Con is set to excite and enthuse attendees through its wide range of included spectacles. So as we countdown the days to the arrival of this highly-anticipated event, let’s count the numerous activities, exhibitions and experiences the 2019 Oz Comic-Con has scheduled to make its prominent mark for this year.

The action-packed weekend first beckons fans with meet-and-greets with stars from beloved television series and films such as The 100, Lucifer, Supernatural, Shadowhunters, Arrow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Battlestar Galactica (to name a few). The event boasts multiple sessions over the weekend, presenting ample opportunity for viewers to interact with their favourite characters. Many workshops and panels will also be held, giving fans and creatives a chance to network and enhance their skills in events such as The Idiot’s Guide to Making Comics and Sci-Fi Trivia.

“The main point is if you’re a creative is to make contacts, and connect with those peers and equals to help with your passion and get your foot in the door!” said Skyscraper Comic Artist, Mitch Collins.

Those with an artistic flair can leave their mark on MARVEL’s Colouring Wall, which prompts con-goers to channel their inner comic book artist and let their creativity run free. And for the less-zen with a competitive streak, Oz Comic-Con has a gaming zone set up for the skilled to flex those opposable thumbs with a wide range of games to play. And speaking of flex, WWE fans can join Carmella in the wrestling ring and get a chance to hold the title.

And finally comes the opportunity to immerse oneself in the experiences of shopping (of course!), Game of Thrones and the anticipated Comic District! This year, the Oz Comic-Con will host an array of comic artists, both nationally and internationally, each showcasing their unique work in the fine-art medium. Collins’ advice for all of you keen writers is  to “meet with other writers, show them your folio and get feedback and criticism to help further your skills.” As always, exclusive merchandise for the event will make an appearance on the day, along with the unique availabilities of autographs, pop vinyls and limited-edition comic books. And before you say a heartfelt goodbye to the Oz Comic-Con event for 2019, there will also be the opportunity to say goodbye to the Game of Thrones phenomenon…with something special in store!

Oz Comic-Con brings to Melbourne the ultimate festival for lovers of all things comics, games, TV, film and so much more. With their ‘something for everyone’ schedule, jam-packed stalls and opportunities galore, fans have the chance to not only explore their present loves, but discover new ones as well. Marvel Comics illustrator, Wayne Nicols, leaves attendees with one piece of advice: “prepare to come along and have a fantastically enjoyable day.” He encourages fans to dress up as their favourite characters, visit their favourite artists, listen to panels and, most importantly, “have a blast!”

Stay tuned for another article arriving soon, for our thoughts and opinions following attendance at the event!

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