By Lucy Maddox

It’s hard to sit on the edge of your seat when there are no seats. But that shouldn’t stop you from catching the no-holds-barred action of ‘Wunderage’. The show, which is a collaboration between Circus Oz and Company2, will open later this month at the Meat Market in North Melbourne. The contemporary circus performance promises to be a mix of physical feats, live musical soundscapes and humor. Each company brings something different to the table, and they have woven them together into an incredibly unique experience.

The title of the show is in reference to ‘underage”, that awful time when you’re just not old enough to do anything fun quite yet. During the collaborative process between Circus Oz and Company2, the creative team hit upon the idea that, at every stage of life, we wish we were somewhere — or someone — else. If you’re young, you want to be older. If you’re old, you want to be younger. The concept behind ‘Wunderage’ is: what is the perfect age? The show takes you on a journey that allows you to imagine yourself perhaps as someone else, and to question not only what you believe, but also what you see.

The Meat Market is the perfect venue for this show. With its arches and old world-style cobblestone floors, it feels like a place lost in time itself. The high ceilings offer a fantastic setting for the main focus of the show: tight wires. Some of them are over four metres high, and they are interwoven between platforms, slings, and poles. As all of the action takes place above your heads, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. And in fact, there isn’t a seat in the house. As the action emerges organically and flows from place to place, the audience is encouraged to wander.  You can come closer to the action when you feel ready, or retreat when you need a break. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to catch a private performance right in front of you. As the show unfolds, it travels from tight-wire walking to live music, physical comedy to mid-air bicycle riding. And you can travel with it.

‘Wunderage’ is no doubt an unconventional circus show, and that’s exactly why you should see it.

Circus Oz: Wunderage – a collaboration with Company2

Season 20 – 30 June 2019

Times 7.30pm Thu – Sat and 2.30pm Sat – Sun

School show + seminar 11am Wed 25 Jun, Thu 26 Jun and Fri 27 Jun

AUSLAN + audio described 2.30pm Sat 29 Jun

Duration 70 mins (no interval)

Venue Meat Market

Location 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

Tickets $35 – $49, $38 Groups 8+ and $130 Family (2 adults + 2 children)

Booking circusoz.com/wunderage

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