Fangirl Correspondent: Kickstarting Crowdfunding

The world is a ridiculously big place.

But although the online world may be equally as vast, it also enables the connection of people from different geographical and socio-cultural locations.

This connection can often be made into friendships and collaborative relationships. Whether its your favourite band member tweeting you, your idol reading a blog post you’ve written or achieving your

dream of recording an album or making a movie, all of these things can become reality – thanks to the internet.

Sadly I can’t give you the secret to getting a tweet from your favourite celebrity (sorry, Directioners; keep hashtagging), but I’d like to have a bit of a chat with you about online crowd funding, and in particular an organisation known as Kickstarter.

Crowd funding is basically where a group of individuals donate money and other resources to help fund projects and initiatives proposed by people or organisations. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects and enables ideas across multiple mediums (such as film, design, games, music and many more) to be brought to life, with the support of backers from around the world.

The concept of crowd funding is actually amazing. So many wonderful projects that may have never previously seen the light of day have been made possible thanks to platforms such as Kickstarter, and a fair few of these projects have been empowered by fandoms.

A prominent recent example is that of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter project.

Series creator Rob Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell, along with several other cast members, launched a Kickstarter proposal to raise $2 million in order to film a movie based upon the successful television series. The project had 30 days to meet the funding goal: The fans raised the money in just 10-and-a-half hours.


Check out the video from their proposal here!

It’s crazy. Good crazy, though! And we can

thank the internet for it all, woo!

Another great example of Kickstarter success is that of the members of Team Starkid who have been able to fund both group and solo professional adventures, such as EPs and cookbooks, through the platform and their powerfully supportive fan community.

Would you ever consider using a platform like Kickstarter to fund your own creative projects? Has the internet enabled you to expand your creative horizons? Is there an online initiative that you’re a fan of?

Let me know in the comments below! In the meantime, please enjoy this GIF of an owl.

Kara Gibbons


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