Meninist uncle answers reader’s letters

A ‘men’s rights activist’ stormed the Catalyst office and this is the shit he subjected us to.

Curated by Nathan Brown | @browndoggydog

I’ve worked as a waitress in an Italian restaurant for two years now, but recently learned that the guy who started here only six months ago is getting paid $3 more than me. What should I do?
– Emily, 21

Emily, I’ve seen this kind of situation countless times. Same age and workplace – similar hours even. It’s fairly clear he’s probably just a harder worker. Don’t fall into the trap of accusing your boss of unfair treatment or favouritism, instead I suggest knuckling down and observing your co-worker. You’ll understand what hard work looks like and realise you too can achieve big things! No need to throw around the whole ‘discrimination’ allegation. Also, consider reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, she’s insightful regarding such matters.

My girlfriend recently started night classes and unfortunately has to walk home. She gets extremely anxious about guys catcalling her or even approaching her. It really worries me. This obviously reflects a larger cultural issue. How might we begin to instigate change?
– Mason, 22

Thanks for the question Mason, but I think the real question is: what can women do to keep themselves safe? As we know, females often wear quite impractical clothing, like heels, skirts and low-cut tops. A great first step would be for her to wear sneakers in case a situation arises. Another tip is to make sure she doesn’t look too flattering;  women have a tendency to dress to impress but then get all angsty and surprised when guys innocently compliment them on the street.

Feminism continuously gets met with hostile opposition! Guys calling themselves ‘Meninists’ preach that men are the real victims, yet they miss the point and ignore the cultural and historical context of women in society. What can we do to fix this mindset?
– Kelly, 20

Kelly, feminism is a trend. Since becoming popular, it’s taken focus away from male issues. Everyone looks at instances of violence against women, but no one seems to care about the men who are assaulted on the daily by violent partners. Men have a higher rate of suicide, this is overshadowed and forgotten because of all the spotlight on ‘women’s rights’. It’s all just part of a plan to oppress males. If you truly wanted equality, you wouldn’t be focusing just on women.

I’m a first year student who’s never had a girlfriend. What do girls look for in a guy? Help please!!!! – Harrison, 19

First off, girls don’t know what they want Harrison. They always seem to go after assholes. I’m obviously ten times nicer than that stupid Josh guy – he just listens to mainstream music and does rock climbing and other jock shit. What honestly is it with Sarah? She’s put me in the friend zone despite me being perfect boyfriend material. I’m sensitive, cultured, intelligent, classy, play the ukulele and would treat her like the princess she is!!! Who is she to think she can reject me? Girls. Have. No. Logic.

New to Melbourne from UK, what’s a great bar or club to check out? – Jane, 23

It really depends on what you like, Jane. I don’t want to name places or anything and I haven’t really been to many. I think there is one near Melbourne Central called Asian Beer Bar maybe. Bars and clubs are just places where people be stupid and act like animals anyway. Girls who’ve had sex with like, heaps of guys wear disgusting clothing and let swag guys just dance near them. It’s kind of sad that people don’t even have the self respect to control themselves. Completely immoral really.

I just found a Facebook page called ‘Men’s Right’s Activists’ and it’s filled with males who absolutely disdain women. They seem to use MRA as an outlet for their own insecurities, low self-esteem and as a kind of excuse to project their own past grievances of women onto whoever they can. Is there anyway to get through to these people? – Kelly, 20

That’s just a ridiculous idea. And who let Kelly ask another question? I don’t have a problem with women, I mean, the people on the page probably don’t either. What a stupid question. You can’t just know someone is insecure from what they’ve written. And I… they, don’t have low self esteem. They wouldn’t care what you think of them. You’re just another example of a woman who thinks she knows best.

I started hanging out with these cool people but they’re absolute film fanatics and I know zero 🙁 What movies do you consider essential watching? – Glen, 18

Easy. The Dark Knight, Inception, and some Tarantino films for awesome gore scenes!

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