RUSU’s Disco Inferno: A Night to Remember!

RUSU’s Disco Inferno was the night to be.

With a friendly environment, free food and drinks, awesome music and a drag show, that night was something that will be remembered.

Being 70s themed, we were greeted with an awesome array of outfits, ranging from leather jackets and cute high-top boots, to patterned pants, mullets and tucked in shirts. Hosted at La Di Da on Little Bourke Street, the decor was on point, with a gorgeous disco ball spinning all throughout the night – the perfect late-night lighting for photos and dancing.

Whilst the start was slow with most of the attention being at the bar and the snacks coming round, the ball started rolling after the first part of the drag show. Belial B’zarr gained an adoring crowd as they wandered around in their costume, greeting everyone before the first number. The songs began rolling in and small circles began forming on the dance floor. It was such a welcoming environment; anyone could join anywhere and feel welcome and comfortable to dance.

Image courtesy of RUSU

As the night went on, the dancing never ceased. After the second performance by Belial B’zarr, things quieted down for a while, until Y.M.C.A started playing, then all the people near the bar, in the seating booths or out in the small veranda, made their way to the dancefloor. As the night went on, the groovy dancing continued and people began making their way out, either to work on uni assessments, go to work or just get a decent night’s sleep. I definitely made so many new friends (that I hope to see soon either around campus or at another event).

Here are some my friends took. To say the least, we had a blast.

Article written by Nishtha Sharma

Images courtesy of my friend Nikita and RUSU. 

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